Im Joining Patona, heres why!

Recently, asides from experiencing my first global pandemic, I’ve decided to take a break from Assembly. Assembly is a business built from the ground up; it started with two mates, and, like all startups, it’s been a wild ride of ups-and-downs. Raising silly amounts of capital, working with great people, and watching our idea bloom into a powerhouse. It’s been nothing less than incredible, and while I still sit on the board of Assembly and cheer it on enthusiastically from the sidelines, after 6 years it’s now time to do something new.

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Kicking off the new decade, I’m excited to be joining Patona as Managing Partner! When the opportunity first came up, I was admittedly a little hesitant. I wasn’t quite sure if this was what I wanted to do, if I fit the business, or most importantly if this was the best chance to provide value to all of the brilliantly talented people I’ve come to know. However, it didn’t take long to realise how great of a match Patona and I actually are.

Firstly, a little about Patona. This is a business grown from a bootstrapped SaaS startup, which, instead of investing bucketloads of capital onshore, built up 90% of their team in India. This meant minimal investment; low costs and the unique ability to keep majority control of the business while building a kick-ass product.

It wasn’t long before friends & colleagues saw Patona’s awesome capacity for remote development, and jumped on board. Patona’s team is now over 100 large, and still growing.

Moving into the new decade, I’m going to continue bringing value and helping the people in my network. Here are six key reasons I believe Patona is a perfect fit:

Founders can keep greater control of their business. Patona characterises offshore hiring by focusing on reliable teams and strong culture, meaning founders can ultimately do more with less. Real talent, development, and growth, with less capital-raising/dilution.

I have personally experienced the significant investment it takes to build a product; from MVP, scaling, and constantly building new feature sets. Building teams of reliable people to support the product and continue growth/innovation is both expensive and time-consuming.

Onshore, this process requires huge capital, meaning your startup journey begins by either raising capital or by surviving out of the revenue of established businesses. Offshoring, even partially, can provide businesses with huge cost benefits when done right; meaning the business can not only build up products/services in a time-efficient manner but oftentimes with more of what they initially intended.

Maintaining growth & innovation. COVID19 has abruptly shifted us from a bull market to a bear market. Moving forward, businesses need to do more for less. This doesn’t mean foregoing local jobs or leaving out local people; both of which are essential for the economy. It means looking at ways to maintain the business while continuing to innovate and support customers.

Normally when there is budget compression innovation slows or stops to a halt, but this does not need to be. By utilising offshore talent in the right way, businesses are enabled to maintain the same trajectory of growth despite the current circumstances.

Much in the same vein that we’re finding ourselves mixing work-from-home with remote-working, businesses will foster a balance between offshore and onshore working while we continue to innovate & grow.

The people at Patona. I’m super impressed with the quality people and culture at Patona, and the way they carry this culture into offshore environments. After 6 years in Assembly, the last thing I want to do is shift slowly. The growth and speed at which the Patona crew operates assured me that this wouldn’t be an issue. Super-talented, efficient and innovative people at Patona.

Doing it right. I know so many businesses in my personal network who’ve struggled to hire people fast enough, especially offshore. Finding the right fit can quickly become a nightmare. Done right, remote teams provide huge benefits. Done wrong, they can cost more in time and finances than they produce. Patona eliminates the uncertainty and does it right.

Talent-pool with real talent. Why India? India has a massive pool of technologies skills that have developed over a long period of time. India has the education, culture, and resources that put it on the map as the leading choice for offshore talent. Other offshoring markets are still young, meaning it’s a bit of a gamble when trying to find the right fit for the company.

Reduced dependency on capital. Finally, I love building new businesses, but if there’s one thing I’ve never enjoyed it’s having to constantly raise capita especially to the point where even the founders get heavily diluted. My previous investors have all been fantastic, and it’s with no reflection on them that I decide for future businesses I want to utilise the benefits of bootstrapping and minimised capital requirements as much as possible.

By joining up with Patona, I not only get to help people build and grow their businesses on

a dynamic and time-appropriate solution, but I get to utilise this model for my own startups in the new decade as well.

Take care,